Career Development Workshops


1. ‘Orientation’– Facilitator-led presentation providing pertinent information about universal access programs and services offered through Workforce Investment Network LWIA13, Memphis, Shelby and Fayette Counties. WIN services discussed include:

  • Job Search
  • ITA for Eligible Training Provider Schools & Programs
  • KeyTrain/Workkeys (Pretest)
  • NCRC Assessment Administration Process for the National Career Readiness Certificate
  • TABE
  • John Holland Code Quiz

@ the conclusion of Orientation, participants will be immediately assigned a (WDS) Workforce Development Specialist for assistance with job search opportunities and/or training programs from Eligible Training Providers.

Career Readiness classes are offered @ Workforce Investment Network for your Career & Training Development needs.

REGISTER for these Career Development classes through your assigned (WDS) Workforce Development Specialist: 

  1. ‘Building the Right Resume'– 2-hour workshop which explores how to use quantitative and qualitative writing techniques to sell your talents on your resume. Bring your resume for a one on one critique and watch supportive video presentation from renowned experts in the field of job search and career and workforce development.
  2. 'RESUME WRITING BOOT CAMP' - Intense 4 to 5 hour-Resume Writing Boot Camp. Here participants will have the opportunity to create or update resumes to be used for effective job search efforts. Participants will walk away with a Resume Portfolio, 10 copies of their finished resume on professional resume paper, Sample Cover Letter, WIN logo black ink pen and flash drive. This is a hands-on workshop. (Requires Registration and/or Notification) (Attendee limit 12)
  3. ‘Interviewing: Your Key to Employment’– 2 hour workshop which includes an overview of the interview process, and tips for successful interview preparation: Before the interview – Day of Interview – After the Interview, with supportive video presentation from renowned experts in the field of interview preparation and career development with some discussion about the ‘not so talked about’ interview approaches, including the ‘informational, behavioral and web-based VIDEO interviews’.
  4. 'MOCK INTERVIEWING' - This 4 to 5 hour Mock Interview Workshop includes one-on-one mock interviewing with participants using the interviewing online tutorial 'Interview Stream'. Participants are REQUIRED to dress in BUSINESS or CASUAL BUSINESS ATTIRE. (Requires Registration and/or Notification) (Attendee limit 12)
  5. ‘Using Social Media for Job Search’ - An increasing number of employers are using social media sites to recruit and advertise for employees. This 2-hour workshop teaches effective job search techniques and approaches to networking and finding that job using ‘Social Media’.
  6. ‘Alternative Job Search Techniques’ – There is more than one way to search for a job. This 2-hour workshop explores various methods in seeking employment using non-traditional job search techniques, with supporting video presentation from renowned experts in the field of career and workforce development. This workshop also combines the strategies of ‘Making a Living In-between Jobs’ workshop. Finding a job is hard and time-consuming. We explore ways to make money FAST without a job! Bring an open mind and a creative spirit. 
  7. ‘Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace’ – This 2-hour workshop focuses on the top 7 soft skills for success and job retention as presented in the 2020 Summit, OHIO ‘Quality of Life Project’.  Top essential skills targeted – Adaptability, Dependability, Work Ethic, Communications, and Critical Thinking, with Integrity as the NUCLEUS supporting THE soft skills most desired by employers and ACCOUNTABILITY as the foundation that defines the character you possess.
  8. 'WIN Computer Basics' - This workshop hopes to take the fear out of using a computer! This 4-hour workshop focuses on the most basic computer literacy processes, including keyboarding and completing online job search related tasks utilizing online software site and   MAX Limit 12    
  9. 'Jobs4TNONLINE Job Seeker Solutions & Industry Sectors' - This 2-hour workshop offered 2x daily Tuesdays & Thursdays focuses on learning how to use the many helpful tools and resources on Jobs4TNONLINE. Primary attention will be given to 3 specific areas: 'How to Build a Resume', 'How to Search for a Job' and 'How to Use the Learning Center' for additional job aid and tutorials to improve job seeker outcomes and strategies. This workshop is broken into the four industry sectors - Manufacturing, Clerical/Data Entry/IT, Logistics and Healthcare. Reginald Alexander is the Lead Facilitator
  10. ‘WIN CAN’- Whether you’re trying to find a job, get your foot in the door with a new company or industry, or explore other career options, the connections you make with other people are indispensable. WIN CAN (Career Action Network) is a group of jobseekers who meet regularly and offers practical learning and networking where participants meet bi-monthly to discuss their job searches, share job leads, improve job-seeking skills and offer support and encouragement to one another. Employment Specialists, Hiring Personnel, and Career Development SMEs are always sharing pertinent job information for today’s job seeker. Members should be referred by their Workforce Development Specialist (WDS). Lead Facilitator, Patricia Myers
  11. 'On the Job Success in the First 90 Days' -  This 2-hour workshop explores the best practices in maintaining job retention. We will also discuss the 10 Quickest Ways to Lose Your Job and How to Avoid Them. This workshop is an interactive discussion with supportive video presentation from renowned experts in the field of job search and career and workforce development.
  12. 'How to Fill Out a Job Application - Online & Hard Copy' Some people may take it for granted that they know how to fill out a job application, be it hard copy or online. But for others, this can truly be frustrating. This 2-hour workshop is a supplement to Jobs4TN.GOVONLINE, focusing  on 'how to properly complete a job application' for both hardcopy/paper, as well as online/electronic applications. You will also learn how to create a profile and upload your resume, cover letter, certifications and/or credentials to an online job search engine, i.e. Jobs4TNOnline, Monster, INDEED, or Career Builder. This workshop hopes to take the frustration out of job search by providing 'need to know' basic info on how to complete a job application.
  13. 'Optimizing Your Success @ Career Fairs' - This 2 hour workshop is facilitated by Training Coordinator, Pat Myers, an expert in the field of organizing, planning and developing curriculum for job seekers who want to get the most out of their Job & Career Fair experience. There may be occassional guest speakers and SME's available to speak with participants on how to 'Optimize Your Success @ Career Fairs'. 
  14. '50 Plus Job Hunting' - 1 hour session to general knowledge for those 50+ job seekers (older adults) to overcome job search challenges, including but not limited to online job profiles, applications, and setting up email.
  15.  'Workplace Documents, Math & Graphic Literacy NCRC Tutoring' - Students will review the basic concepts and formulas to assist with ACT Career Ready 101 program (WorkKeys, KeyTrain) for math advancement, reading workplace documents, charts, graphs and layouts in a workplace environment.
  16. 'Personal Action Plan' - This class demonstrates the strategic process of completing a personal action plan, identify the strengths and weaknesses, as well as discuss next steps for improvement.
  17. 'Effective Communication' - 2 hour session offers students the opportunity to gain better understanding of effective communications and learning all aspects of the role communications play with personal and professional development.
  18. 'Behavior Management' (Avoiding Destructive Behavior) - This 2 hour session explores how students can learn the influence of behavior and importance of high morals and values within the workplace, professional conduct, workplace topics to avoid, and best practices for positive reinforcements.
  19. 'Team Building' - 2 hour class promoting team developmental principles, behaviors and best practices in the workplace. The student will share their perspective on the impact of effective communication, while also developing personal planning and goal setting toward effective elements of the team cycle. 
  20. 'Synergystic Problem Solving' - 2 hour session delves into concepts of utilyzing the required skills within effective communication, emotional intelligence, behavior management, team devleopment skills for overall success.
  21. 'Team Building Review' - 2 hour session engages students in the review of the most important leadership applications including 'team development' principles, behaviors, and best practices in the workplace. Students will discuss the impacts of effective communication, personal planning and goal setting toward effective elements of the team (life) cycle.

For additional information: Contact Training Team,

Sandra Anthony Bray,

Jatori Little,

Patricia Myers,

Reginald Alexander,