Disability Services

Disability Employment Initiative

The Workforce Investment Network has implemented the Disability Employment Initiative to increase the employment opportunities and economic self-sufficiency of persons with disabilities. Funding for this program was made possible through a grant from the US Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration and the Office of Disability Employment Policy.

Services Available to Job Seekers:

  • Career Counseling and Job Placement Assistance
  • Occupational Skills Training
  • Ticket to Work/Employment Network
  • Universally Accessible Resource Center (including video phones, fax machines, computers with internet access, screen reading and text enlargement software, copy machines, and interpreters (upon request)

Ticket to Work

Are you receiving SSI and/or SSDI benefits? Have you been thinking about returning to or beginning work? Are you concerned about how a return to work might impact your receipt of disability benefits?

The Workforce Investment Network (WIN) is an approved Employment Network in the Ticket to Work (TTW) program. The Ticket to Work Program is a work incentive, developed by the Social Security Administration, to provide SSI/SSDI beneficiaries who are interested in working with the services and supports needed to accomplish their desired work goals.

We understand that disabled individuals who have never been in the workforce or those who have been removed from it for an extended period of time require special assistance. Our Ticket to Work program is staffed by knowledgeable professionals committed to helping you begin your journey into the workforce.

As an Employment Network, WIN’s role is to help Ticket Holders reduce, and eventually eliminate, their dependence on their SSI or SSDI benefits by providing assistance with job preparation and job placement, vocational rehabilitation, skills training, support and retention services.

Individuals who enroll in our TTW program must:

  • Be 18 to 64 years old
  • Be receiving SSI and/or SSDI Based on a Disability
  • Have a true desire and ability to return to work
  • Be motivated and capable of working on goals with Ticket to Work staff members


Ticket Holders who choose to assign their Ticket to an Employment Network are eligible for special incentives that include:

  • Waiver of Continuing Disability Reviews as long as the Ticket Holder is meeting the Timely Progress Guidelines.
  • The opportunity to continue medical benefits for at least 93 months after cash benefits end
  • Expedited reinstatement of benefits if the Ticket Holder is no longer able to work due to their disability

If you are interested in securing additional information about WIN’s Ticket to Work program contact: Phyllis Brunson, Disability Resource Coordinator, at 901-636-7940, email: phyllis.brunson@workforceinvestmentnetwork.com

Additional information can be obtained by clicking on the links below:

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