“We were launching operations in less than 2 months and had roughly 300 positions to fill. Not only did we need to fill them, we needed to train them. We were literally in for a sprint. It was during this challenging time that we forged a meaningful partnership with WIN. WIN has far exceeded our expectations in terms of their commitment to Memphis and business in Memphis. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship.”
-from the CEO of a riverboat cruise ship company 

“I travel across the country frequently and have been to hundreds of cities and career centers. Service has dropped off nearly everywhere since I started several years ago. As a result, we have been less productive in finding solid, qualified applicants, and had come to expect the lack of Career Center service as ‘just the way it is,' until now. The applicant pre-screening services performed by WIN are just incredible and the post-interview services are amazing! The members of the WIN staff with whom we worked are the type of employees any employer would be blessed to have. My hat goes off to them!”
- from a senior recruiter for a national railroad maintenance company

“As I reflected on the tremendous success of the Job Fair the only word I could come up with was awesome. It is one thing for us as stakeholders in the company's success to participate, but for each of you to sacrifice your time in an effort to help us be successful, that is truly something to take notice of and appreciate. I counted it a great honor to work alongside each of you as we were unified with one single goal and that was to seek out the untapped talent within Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. I believe we did just that. So with my deepest appreciation, I would like to say thank you for all of your contributions, tireless efforts, professionalism, and excellent attitudes.”
- from a recruiting manager for one of the world's largest optical manufacturers

“I wanted to thank you for your enthusiasm and the way you all work together as a team to assist in retaining Memphis companies.”
- from the Vice-President and General Manager of a paperboard packaging manufacturer

“In an effort to deepen our applicant pool and improve our outreach (not to mention reducing our own administrative burden), we partnered with WIN to undertake a thorough and stringent recruiting process. From the 300+ who tested, we have hired 30. Of those 30, we have had only 1 turnover. More importantly, we have maintained our commitment for a diversified workforce and feel we have hired employees who will be able to develop the technical competencies required for our future success. We certainly would not have been able to achieve this level of success without the efficient and enthusiastic WIN staff. We look forward to a lasting partnership.”
- from the senior HR Executive at an industry leading product packaging manufacturer

“I can't speak highly enough of our partnership with WIN. As part of a start-up facility, I relied heavily on their expertise and guidance to transition to the Memphis area. I was highly impressed by the response and the attention given to my staffing needs and my timeline. The WIN team played a direct role in the successful implementation of our facility. Through their recruiting and screening strategies, we were able to identify and hire a strong, stable core workforce that continues to build every week. I will always be sure to keep my connection with WIN because of the superior service that they not only provide to me as a business partner, but to the greater Memphis community, as well. WIN has provided over 68 job placements for us and the turnover has been minimal (1-2).”
- from a senior HR executive with one of the world’s largest electronics and industrial engineering firms

“Before being served by the WIN staff, a local manufacturer had accepted over 3,000 applications in response to its job postings, had conducted over 600 interviews, and found only 20 candidates who met its requirements. The manufacturer contacted the WIN Business Services team who developed a 30-Day Customized Recruiting Plan, which resulted in 12 new hires in the first 15 days of the Plan, and 13 new hires in the following 15 days. WIN met the goal of 25 new hires in 30 days and added six additional candidates to the manufacturer's employee pipeline.”
– from a WIN Business Services Analyst