Job Profiling

Job Profiling allows employers, without running afoul of EOC requirements, to limit interviews for the profiled positions to only those candidates who have achieved a certain CRC level.

Job Profiling was developed by ACT®, a company well-known for its college aptitude testing. The process includes four steps:

Step 1: Creating an Initial Task List

The profiler obtains background information about the job from the employer and conducts a tour of the job site. Using SkillPro®, ACT's proprietary job profiling software, the profiler develops an initial list of the tasks most relevant to the job.

Step 2: Task Analysis

The profiler meets with subject matter experts- generally incumbent workers of the job being studied- who review and revise the list of job tasks to ensure accuracy. Then the subject matter experts rate each task according to two dimensions: importance and relative time spent. This data is then used to produce a criticality rating for each task, which is also reviewed by the subject matter experts and revised as necessary. The resulting final task list establishes which tasks are the most critical for job performance.

Step 3: Skill Analysis

Once the Task Analysis is complete, each skill is reviewed separately. Profilers present detailed descriptions of the WorkKeys skills to the subject matter experts, who then help the Profiler relate the WorkKeys skills to the position and determine which skill levels are necessary for job performance.

Step 4: Documentation

The Job Profiler documents the results in a customized Job Profile Report, which contains a list of the tasks most critical to performance, as well as information on the WorkKeys skills required for job success. Because WorkKeys is the foundational knowledge of Career Readiness Certificates (CRCs), a job profile can require a certain CRC level. Once a particular kind of job has been profiled, it is legally defensible for an employer to require that all job applicants have a certain level CRC when interviewing for the position.

For more information on Job Profiling, please contact Henry Lewis.