Our Work

Since opening our doors in 2000, WIN has helped nearly 28,000 individuals in Memphis, Shelby County and Fayette County receive the services and training needed to secure better jobs. We believe that what we accomplish is just as important as how it is accomplished. We’re committed to achieving measurable results, while remaining excellent stewards of the Workforce Investment Act funds that allow us to operate.

WIN by the Numbers

In 2010, WIN:

  • Served 3,012 disadvantaged adults, 277 dislocated workers, and 1,313 youth
  • Provided workforce training to 2,809 participants through 48 different training and service providers
  • Helped 3,389 applicants gain a national Career Readiness Certificate, an important industry job credential

Current Initiatives:

  • WIN is partnering with three major employers, providing $75,000 in Incumbent Worker Training funds to help improve and update their employees’ job skills, thereby avoiding a potential lay-off.
  • WIN Is partnering with several other employers, providing over $300,000 in On-the-Job Training (OJT) funds to help defray the cost of training new and existing employees in skills that will help them to excell in the workplace.
  • WIN is leading the “Made in Memphis” initiative - surveying local area advanced manufacturers about the skills necessary for individuals to succeed in their work environments, and sharing that information with area training providers so they can develop and offer training to create a skilled workforce responsive to industry needs.