Workforce Investment Network's website was created in 2000 as an electronic medium to serve our diverse population. Our number one goal is providing job seekers with an online presence that is both informative, user-friendly, and convenient, thus implementing the most effective job search effort. In delivering our online brand, WIN is a recognized community resource dedicated to improving employment opportunities for job seekers and creating qualified workforce for employers in Memphis, Shelby County, and Fayette County.

Created in 1998 after passage of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), WIN is now governed under a new legislative piece, known as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Signed in 2014, WIOA officially went into effect July 2015, purposed with the intent of showcasing the importance of national workforce education and development, and contributing to continued stability in our nation's economic recovery. It included the release of Ready to Work: Job-Driven Training and American Opportunity, a federal-wide effort to ensure “that federally funded training programs are singularly focused on getting more Americans ready to work with marketable skills.”

To solidify those efforts, Workforce Investment Network is a continued proud partner of the Tennessee Career Centers, American Jobs Center, through the Tennessee Department of Labor, (TDOL). This partnership demonstrates a concerted team effort to match qualified job seekers with local businesses who are hiring, as well as helping residents with the training, skills, and education they need for personal growth and professional advancement.

WIN also works in partnership with other agencies and operates its one-stop center that integrates the resources and activities of several federal programs, including  Employment Services, Veteran Services, Adult Basic Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Department of Human Services. By fusing these programs into one focused workforce development service location, WIN is able to refer individuals to appropriate support services, to prepare and find jobs for job seekers, and to source qualified talent for industry, thereby creating success for the entire community.