Business Services

WIN serves as a vital partner to new and existing businesses in the Greater Memphis community. We offer a variety of services to attract and retain qualified employees. We offer training tools that will allow you to continuously develop and improve your workforce. Most of our services are free or available for a reasonable negotiated fee.

Access to Labor Market Information
We can help you evaluate the available labor pool and determine competitive wages for the positions you seek to fill.

Custom Recruiting and Pre-Screening 
WIN is able to recruit and pre-screen job candidates in accordance with the specific qualifications, credentials, and test results that your position requires.

Access to Space for Interviews
Use our Main Office facilities to conduct interviews with pre-screened candidates.

Assistance with Job Fairs
We can help you plan and prepare to host job fairs at your facilities.

National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) 
The NCRC was created in order to help employers identify qualified job seekers and reduce expenses associated with hiring, training, and retaining high-quality employees. WIN provides pre-test tutorial assistance to job seekers for this widely-accepted work credential, and can connect employers to job seekers who have obtained a CRC. Also, ask us how employers and participants can become a part of WIN's effort to become a Work Ready Community (WRC) & NCRC Testing Center.

Job Profiling
WIN can arrange job profiling to systematically analyze a particular job, and specify the skills that are critical to successful performance.

Rapid Response Team 
We are a member of the State Rapid Response Team, which serves companies facing corporate restructuring or downsizing. We can assess the skills of affected workers, evaluate additional job training needs, and help dislocated workers find new employment.

Incumbent Worker Training 
We can help you train your existing employees. We offer training funds to help existing full-time employees grow, learn, and improve.

On-the-Job Training (OJT) 
WIN contracts with businesses in public, nonprofit, and private sectors to provide on-the-job training funds to employers. Depending upon the details of the agreement, businesses may be reimbursed up to 50% of wages of eligible trainees during the training period.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit 
You may be eligible for federal tax incentives as a result of hiring individuals from targeted groups, such as Veterans. We can help you understand the requirements of this federal program and explain how your business may qualify.

For additional information on any of WIN’s business services, please contact Henry Lewis at (901) 576-6228 or email